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The Transitional Approach in Action Gilles Amado

The Transitional Approach in Action

Gilles Amado

Published January 1st 2005
ISBN : 9781855759121
292 pages
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 About the Book 

This volume follows the first book in the Harold Bridger Series, Transitional Approach to Change. The chapters in the book cover a wide range of contributions that concentrate around four themes: transitional change in therapeutic communities, in working conferences for professional development or training, in organisation consulting with an emphasis on organizational learning, and in self studies of working systems in action. In all these psychic activities time and space was created to allow for transitional processes to become alive. A therapist, a manager, a consultant or a layman may create conditions that facilitate or hinder human beings to become engaged in these normal, healthy processes, but the persons concerned undertake the basic psychic work.It is encouraging to notice that more and more clinical institutions, organisations and even professional associations are becoming aware of the important and complex interactions between psychic processes and organisational realities. The engagement in transitional processes, however, demands courage. Courage that is proper to any pursuit of truth and social justice. At times, this search generates excitement, at other times we become scared by the realities we discover. Sometimes we need to cast aside certain realities to imagine and invent new things and subsequently face them again to make effective use of whatever we created. Society and human beings need such pursuits of truth and social justice for genuine development. The courage it takes to become engaged is only matched by the courage to live with the consequences. -- From the IntroductionContributors: Gilles Amado, Rina Bar Lev Elieli, Harold Bridger, Caroline Drevon, Ernest Fruge, J. Alan Marc Horowitz, Dominique Lhuilier, Derek N. Raffaelli, Rafael Ramirez, Dominique Rolland, Andre Sirota, Marie-Jeanne Vansina-Cobbaert, Leopold S. Vansina