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Ceremonies: Prose and Poetry Essex Hemphill

Ceremonies: Prose and Poetry

Essex Hemphill

Published May 9th 2000
ISBN : 9781573441018
200 pages
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 About the Book 

Certain, special, lucidTo Essex HemphillI am reading you and I am wonderingWhat the verse does and when and howYou dont betray me with your wordsThey are piercingAnd just a little uncomfortable(Its your non pacified rage that surmounts everything)You wear the essence of frustration up your sleeveIt reminds me so much of James BaldwinThat ambition to reach over and win.You win and take home trophies and amorphous,gigantic bunches of gift flowersAnd overwhelmed by emotion, by other peoples searches and falls, you collapse and rest by the side of the bedwhich always awaits in returnThe ambition for success which burns our insidesThe quiet success that pacifies our spiritsthat drives the mileage of cacophonies awaythat works the soil and breaks away starchy weedsand allows new seeds to grow in the ploughed and rendering soil ...