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The Secret of Anu R K Dogra

The Secret of Anu

R K Dogra

Published August 14th 2013
ISBN : 9781481770064
298 pages
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 About the Book 

Vickram has come to Uganda on a quest to look for his biological father. His mothers secret is buried in a deep corner of his heart, and it has been haunting him day and night. He will not rest until he finds out about the unknown person. His dying mother didnt even tell him the name of this person. His life changed at that moment. His contented world was destroyed by the storm of this sudden revelation. He stays in Kampala, working at Mulago Hospital for nearly a year and half, trying to find out from old records the names of all the hospitals in Kampala. He knows that the person he is looking for is a doctor, an English one at that. He nearly succeeds in finding some information about him, but unfortunately, that doctor had returned to England. Then an opportunity comes his way: to work in a mission hospital in Gulu, a small town situated in the northern province of Uganda. Life seems to continue at a steady pace until the day that a political scenario changes in Uganda, leaving him trapped between choosing his beloved Tanya and his quest. As the deadline of Amins ninety days expulsion order nears, things take a turn, resulting in unexpected events for Vickram and Tanya. Can he stop Tanya from joining the exiled refugees? Will he ever find out who his real father is?